7 days Trekking Expedition - From Tash Rabat to Osh

7 days Trekking Expedition - From Tash Rabat to Osh

27 Jul 09:00 - 02 Aug 13:00 - Bishkek
Nomad's Land

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Discover an unknown region of Kyrgyzstan thanks to this 7 days trekking program from Tash Rabat to Osh.

Have a look at the program: drive.google.com/open?id=0B6BLLih-vJ7xZTV2emN0NWtFeTA

Program’s ID: TK16D7ENKG - 7 days Trekking from Tash Rabat to Osh
Duration of the trip: 7 days / 6 nights
Season: from mid-July to mid-September
Highlights: Tash Rabat caravanserai, Fergana Range, Kulun Lake, Osh, trekking, wildlife observation, flora observation, nomadic lifestyle.

This trek will lead you through the Ferghana mountain range in a totally wild environment, a real adventure of a lifetime.
You will discover the natural and cultural treasures of Kyrgyzstan: Tash Rabat caravanserai, the high passes of the Ferghana range, the alpine pastures of stupendous Kulun lake, and the ancient city of Osh.

Throughout this trip, you will be immersed into the Kyrgyz wilderness.

Day 0 : Transfert to Tash Rabat
Price include transfert from At-Bashi, dinner and overnight in yurt at the Caravanserai of Tash Rabat.

Day 1: From Tash Rabat to Kok Bel valley
We leave in the early morning from Tash Rabat and drive through the large valley of Arpa to the starting point of our trek.
● 9.00 am, we meet our horse porters and horseboys and start trekking. We leave the flat badlands behind us. We trek into 2 mountain ranges and cross the Sook river. On the left, we can see some tracks leading to China, used mostly for by smugglers. We scale the Kok Bel pass (3885m) on a rocky track. We descend in the valley to set up the camp at the confluence with another side valley.
● IMPORTANT: you need to be already in At-Bashi valley the day before the trek starts D0. We can arrange the transfer from other places.

Day 2: Crossing the Karakol Pass
Today is the challenging day for us. We have to cross the Karakol Pass (4163m).
● We walk down the Kok Bel valley and turn west towards the Ferghana Range and the Karakol pass.
● The track becomes blur and rocky, as there is just a few people crossing this pass every year. We scale the pass, walking alongside glaciers. Crossing the pass is long and difficult but the panorama that we get at the pass is breathtaking.
● We enter the southern part of Kyrgyzstan and start descending on the other side of the mountain and set up the camp on the first grasslands.
Day 3: In the valleys of the inner Ferghana range In the morning we walk down the Kara Kulja valley towards west, in a totally different landscapes than during the 2 previous days. Here the climate is definitely warmer, and there is more and more vegetation. The Kara Kulja valley is a very long valley, used as a jailoo (pastures) by the Kyrgyz herders. We may meet some of them on our way.
● In the afternoon, we turn south and walk up in the Kachura valley.
● We set up our camp on the pastures of the valley.

Day 4: To Kulun Lake
● In the morning we cross the Kachura Bel pass (3609m) and descend into the narrow gorge of the Kulun river.
● We arrive to the lake Kulun, a natural mountainous water reservoir, lost in the middle of high ranges with grassy slopes scattered by pine trees.
● Kyrgyz shepherds may welcome us in their yurt as they usually nomadize in this area.
● We set up our camp on the lake shore, and the most courageous could go for a swim in the lake.

Day 5: Along the Kulun river
● We leave the big Kulun Lake and discover the small Kulun lake, further down in the valley.
● The climate is getting warmer and warmer and we see the first people settlements.
● We arrive in the village of Konduk, where a driver will meet us and drive us to Oy-Tal village.
Possibility to walk 7km more across the hills to reach the village by foot in a red sedimentary rocks environment.
● We spend the night with a family in the village, enjoy the best Kyrgyz cuisine and learn about the Kyrgyz traditions

Day 6: In the Ferghana valley to Osh
● We say goodbye to our horses and horseboys and leave Oy-Tal in the morning and drive to Osh through Uzgen city. The road is bad and long, but the landscapes are impressive
● On the way, we stop at Uzgen city, one of the ancient capitals of the Karakhanid empire. 3 mausoleums and a minaret from the 11th century are left on-site.
● We arrive in the end of the afternoon in Osh, discover a bit the city and go for dinner in a traditional chaikhana, to try the famous Central Asian dish called “plov”.

Cost Per Person
2 pax: $920
3 pax: $700
4 pax: $580
5 pax: $510
6 pax: $480


Frozen waterfall/culture/hiking/horse riding

07 Dec 11:00 - 10 Dec 14:00 07 Dec 11:00 - 10 Dec 14:00 - Bishkek Bishkek
Nomad's Land Nomad's Land
Program: Day1 Transfer Bishkek Bokonbaeva. 280km Meeting in the center of Bishkek, direct transfer to the village Bokonbaeva. Placing a local resident. Meeting with a local...   More info

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